Como Park

Como Park Neighborhood Forum

Do you want to learn what is happening in the Como Park neighborhood, but you don’t have time to go to lots of meetings? Do you want to connect with your neighbors, other parents, local small businesses? Check out and join our online Como Park Neighbors forum. This friendly forum is a place for  neighbors who are passionate about Como Park to share information, discuss local issues, find solutions, and build a sense of community.

To join you will need to give your real name, where you live, and your e-mail address (which will remain hidden) and to agree to the rules(real namescivil comments, and that topics relate to the Como Park area). Because most people choose to receive posts in their e-mail box, we have a two comments per day limit.

When 50 – 100 neighbors have signed up,  interested members will be asked to post a friendly introduction. At that time the forum will be open for sharing information and discussion related to the Como Park neighborhood. These forums can be powerful community builders. Their methods reflect years of experience by thousands of users. You can check out some neighboring neighborhood forums (FrogtownHamline-Midway, and Roseville) by clicking on this link.
Como Park Meetings

Mayor Chris Coleman on budget cuts

Mayor Chris Coleman commented and took questions at the Como Park auditorium about budget cuts.