Como Park corpse flower, BOB, rest in peace

Corpse flowerThe gardeners at Como’s Conservatory are blogged their corpse flower event (click on the red words to see their blog). They have a time lapse video and also a live webcam. I went to see it April 8 but the “inflorescense” happened on Wednesday. Inflorescence refers to the opening of the the flower of an Amorphophallus titanum. I recommend you click over to the blog of Brian O’Brian at Gustavus Adulphus College for a scholarly expositition “of the provenance, biology, general intellectual appeal, and aesthetic appeal of Bob.” BOB, the corpse flower at Como Park was named after Brian O’Brian. Bob’s parent, Perry, at Gustavus Adulphus, is also putting on a show. You can watch it latest growth (2.4 meters today) on a webcam and read Brian O’Brian’s blog by clicking here.

Como Park Conservatory

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