Como Park Groups Swimming Pool

Como Park swimming pool survey

There was a new notice in the Neighborhood News section of the District 10 Como Community Council website.

The City of Saint Paul is considering options for the site that contains the Como Park pool, which is in District 10 but adjacent to District 6. The pool was closed at the end of last summer because of emergency repairs and is unlikely to be opened next season without major repairs or replacement.

I am a member of a “pool committee” which belongs to the Como Park Alliance. I am including a draft of our pool committee report below.

Pool Committee Report

Como Park Pool to be closed for 2009 season

The Como Park swimming pool will likely be closed for the 2009 season. The pool is in disrepair and needs some major work. A decision whether to repair or perhaps start fresh with a new facility needs to be made.

A task force will recommend options

Saint Paul Park and Recreation plans to create a task force this fall to assess the Como Park pool situation and to make recommendations about options. This task force is to include representatives from the neighborhood, from District 6 and 10 Community Councils, and other affected parties.

The Como Park Alliance wants input

The mission of the Como Park Alliance is to preserve, maintain, and help Como Park. We are working to stay informed with what is happening in Como Park, to communicate our concerns to those who operate it, and to offer assistance where we can.

2005 Feasibility Study of St Paul Aquatics Facilities

We are appreciate that the city allowed us to see a copy of the Feasibility Study for City of Saint Paul Facilities (July 1, 2005). This 64 page pdf arouses some concerns. This quote from the executive summary (pg 3),

“…Any renovation or replacement of existing aquatic facilities or construction of a new aquatic park should be built to accommodate at least 1,500 to 2,000 person bather load capacity. … the consulting team feels the City of Saint Paul would be best served by transitioning the Como Pool into an aquatic park.”

Their plan differs from our vision of what is appropriate for Como Park. You can see the initial draft version of the design concept for Phase IV (click twice to view large).

We will distribute a survey to Como Pool neighbors

The Pool Subcommittee has drafted a survey and will distribute it to neighbors East and West of the pool area. The survey can also be filled out on the Internet or printed from a pdf file. (provide links) We are asking for the survey to be returned by Aug. 15. The drop off is to be at 1168 Lexington Pkwy N. (C. Daly’s residence) The survey was designed to be compared with a survey already done city wide in 2005. We feel that the results of this survey, when properly analysed, will allow us to speak confidently about neighborhood sentiments to the task force this fall.

Como Park Alliance Pool Committee