Como Park pool features

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This is way over the top. Too much of everything. I thought this was a city park not an amusement park. I don’t to spend my tax dollars this way. I thought originally we were looking at a simple wading pool/free or a lap type pool. Oh I get it, let’s cut down all the trees and put up a parking lot. A simple swimming pool or nothing is my vote. I live in the neighborhood, I try and always shop in St Paul and keep all my disposable income in St Paul, this pool has given me cause to think about moving out of the area. I hate it.

this is a great design! Erin Oleary, have you travelled around this town much lately? head over to highland park, many of the comunity centers and other pools. these amenities are just fantastic for the kds. so the design doesn’t fall into your sparse 1940’s era arcitecture… so much so that you plan on shopping in another town? grow up, it’s for the kids. they’ll love it . i’ll keep spending my money in st paul and you can move over to the other twin city.


Sorry I completely disagree. This is exactly what the city needs, a reasonably priced water park to compete with something like the Waterpark of America. This will bring a lot of money to the community and provide yet another great thing to do in Saint Paul. The city has even gone so far to show operating costs of the facility. I am impressed with how wonderful this has turned out to be.

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