Shuttle bus

Como Park Shuttle bus preview

Como Park Shuttle Bus
Como Park Shuttle Bus

Como Park Shuttle Buses

I was invited to preview two buses being considered for next years Como Park Shuttle bus service.

The front bus is has “kneeling” feature and an ADA-compliant ramp which quickly deploys for the easy loading and unloading of special needs passengers or those who wish to bring along strollers. The rear bus has the low emission, 2008 standards diesel engine. It was quieter and much cleaner.

Como Campus director, Mike Hahm, explained that we need buses that fit the budget, the program needs, and can be obtained within the time line requirements (Spring, 2009).

We rode this bus to the proposed park and ride parking lot on Como Avenue, south of the the Fair Grounds. The ride took seven minutes. With a three minute load/unload cycle each bus could do three loops per hour. Three buses could transport about 300 passengers each direction per hour with a bus leaving about every 7 or 8 minutes.

When watching the video below remember that the bus with the ramp still had the old 2004 engine. Compare it to the rear 2008 lo-e bus as it leaves the curb and to the standard school buses that pass by.

Como Park Shuttle Bus preview from Art Oglesby on Vimeo.

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