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3 responses to “Como Park Master Plan”

  1. Randy v.

    Checkout the expected peak capacity figures the many park features on page 38 of this 1984, and still in effect, Master Plan for Como Park.

    How is it possible for the state to give funding for things not in the Park Master Plan?

    Why has no update ever been developed to stitch things all together from the golf course to the lake, to the campus, Street Car Building, picnic areas, woodlands, former pool sites and sports fields on Jessamine?

    Don’t people living in that District know what is going on in their community?

  2. Dolores Rufernacht

    I am a resident of Como Park and active in the community as block club leader and on several commitees. I would like a hard paper copy of the 1984 Como Zoo and Como Park Master plan or would like to be able to view it off the internet in a booklet form. can you send me a copy or tell me where I can view it as a paper copy.

    Dolores Rufenacht
    1512 Canfield Ave.
    St. Paul, MN 55108 651-278-2117

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