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8 responses to “History of Como Park Zoo”

  1. cory harrington

    can anyone give more information on the 1972 post about the man in the bear grotto?

  2. darlingsapphire

    Is it any wonder why silverback gorillas die.Try putting yourself in their place.. image the stress, you’ll want to say: God, get me
    out of here.. all these people laughing and staring at me and making so much noise… why can’t they sit down and be quiet and
    well-mannered like us gorillas. How can I help my ladies – I can’t
    move them anywhere, so they can have peace. I have no earth, grass,
    bushes, or trees to put my feet on or surround me so I and my
    family can have a life. Most of the peoples’ faces and eyes make
    me uneasy. (Believe me for I have sat day after day in a zoo
    observing a group of gorillas and found the crowds of peoples’
    faces and eyes most disturbing. If a zoo keeps gorillas, just give
    them what they need =natural surroundings and places to hide from
    the public – the better their home, the less stress. You’re
    supposed to please the animals(all animals in zoos), after all
    they’re the ones locked up… forget the public, they’ll come
    anyway, even more, because who wants to see unhappy animals – only
    twisted minds. So go for the best and give your animals the best,
    and you’ll get the best.

  3. mike N

    Does anyone else remember Bob Duer on the Lunch with Casey show? he’d bring animals on, etc…

  4. Greg

    No th chunk of concrete on the bears head was in the early 1980’s because it happened when I was a kid. We went to the zoo a lot and I remember it happening.

  5. Sheila

    The polar bear brutally killed in the early 80s should be added. I believe the bear’s name was Kuma or something simular to that. I still remember seeing the report of it on the news. It still saddens me.

    I remember in the mid 70s that the only bald eagle the zoo had was stolen. I never heard if it was recovered / returned.

  6. Paul

    In January 1972, zoo keepers were forced to shoot Whitey, a male polar bear, to save a midnight visitor who fell into the bear grotto

    — source: Wikipedia (yeah, I know)

  7. Longtime Resident

    Whitey the polar bear was shot by a Saint Paul Police Officer, not zookeepers, to save the life of a drunk who had climbed over the barrier and into the pit at the old WPA era polar bear exhibit. The Officer was a friend who always felt bad about having to kill the bear.

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